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Ctrl-Motor - a manufacturer specializing in special motors
Focusing on providing custom OEM for special motors at the price of standard motors
Ctrl-Motor is the overseas business office established in Shenzhen by DDON (Chengdu), headquartered in Sichuan, China. The company has a team of nearly 100 senior engineers, specializing in the production of special motors ranging from deep low temperature of - 196°C to ultra - high temperature of +300°C and extreme environments. The company has been certified under SGS, Moore Laboratory Reliability Certification, IS09001:2015 and GJB9001C- 2017 Quality Management System Certification. We can deliver non - standard prototypes within 14 days and implement them at the price of mass production motors. Over the past 10 years, Ctrl - Motor has helped more than 200 projects achieve applications in medical, aerospace, biopharmaceutical, harsh environment and other fields. The on - time delivery rate and yield rate have always remained above 99%, providing triple guarantees of production capacity, quality, and price.


Zhonggu Weike (Shenzhen)
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Specializing in the production of vacuum high and low temperature stepper motors, vacuum high and low temperature servo motors, radiation-resistant motors, high and low temperature vacuum reducers, high and low temperature stepper drivers, and vacuum modules.
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